I’ve worked in the IT industry since 1998 and I have seen many changes – some for the better and some for the worst. Technology has come and gone as have design patterns, architecture styles and development methodologies. I have progressed from a junior developer to technical lead, and I have worked in Technical, Solution, Infrastructure, Integration and Enterprise Architecture roles. Throughout all this change there has been one clear constant for me – the need for effective, clear and concise communication.

  • If you can’t communicate clearly and concisely,… how can you get your point across in a sea of strong opinions
  • If you can’t communicate clearly and concisely,… how can you convince people to follow your lead
  • If you can’t communicate clearly and concisely,… how can you get the attention of the influencers who will further your career

So here is the twist – despite my 17 years in IT I struggle with this. I waffle and I can find it hard to keep things to the point. I over think the points I’m trying to make and can come across as confusing. In my written communication I can be so eager to get my point across I neglect the style and grammar of the message, up to be point of missing out words.

In order to improve this I have created this blog. Its primary purpose is to encourage me to regularly write about things that interest me but in a way that is clear and concise. I hope to post something around this size once a week. Most topics will be work related, but I expect that other topics will creep in. Hopefully through practice and repetition this will get easier and I hope to see an improvement over time. As I say, this blog is primarily for my own self improvement but if you have stumbled on it and find what I have to say interesting then this will make me happy too.


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